On becoming too dependent on the internet of things and the fourth revolution

Have you seen how people are on the sidewalks and in your favorite coffee shops and hangout places these days? They all seem to be deeply buried in some or another text message, app, internet website or something related to the internet of things. But is this obsequious obsession with the mobile really part of the true philosophy of the internet of things. Today, there are apps all over the show that can be used to just about do anything that you could have been doing yourself.

Only it’s never going to be doing it as aptly as you would have liked or as you could have arranged.

It’s like that coffee shop scenario. Wouldn’t it be better to truly smell the coffee instead of ordering it from your mobile app. Go to places like http://www.microchip.com and you could be motivated to become a lot more resourceful. And you wonder why folks are so afraid of the fourth revolution where they believe robots are going to take over their lives. Well, they will, if you let them. If you insist on letting machines do all the small and joyful things in life, you’ll end up having no life at all.

You’ll never know what it was like to clean your own house or polish your own shoes. You’ll also be wondering why and how you got to be so big and blubbery while your mates are scooting about on their hybrids.

If you become a resourceful person as you are well and truly capable of becoming, you’ll soon learn the real meaning and value behind the internet of things. In layman’s terms, it is being described as ‘a kind of magic’.